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The Problem We Solve

Bhlue’s a simple, free and effective career planning solution & online community for teens & young adults; particularly those young people struggling to find a career direction, or those who have an idea but don’t know how to make it happen. It helps them to discover a career pathway that’s relevant to who they are and what they value, and then offers up the tools, resources and network connections needed to build a successful career and future, whatever their version of success is.  

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Find Your Way

Personality Quiz. Take It.

Take the “Nail Your Strengths” quiz. Discover what you’re great at & love to do. Figure that out and you’re headed in the right direction.


Career Ideas. Find Some.

EXPLORE 100s of careers in every imaginable industry. Many you never considered, or even heard of.


Make a Plan. Map it Out.

FIND, and connect with, career resources that can help you make a plan and map it out. Schools, apprenticeships, scholarships… you name it.  What you need. Where you need it.

Don't just stand there notebook on table

Make Connections. Create Your Free Account.

Sign up for your free membership to become part of Bhlue’s community.  Start networking in your industry of choice, get career guidance answers, and meet people who are on a similar journey to career success.


Career Guidance

Bhlue’s “Forum” allows you to get answers from a licensed Career Counselor. Ask a question, get an answer. Easy.

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Market Yourself

Create a professional profile and resume to share your history, what you’re good at and love to do. Let schools, training programs, employers, and other organizations in on what you have to offer.

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Social Network

Virtually meet other young people via Bhlue who have similar career interests. Maybe they know something you don’t. Or you might even have something to share with them! 


Bookmark Content

You can save anything you find on Bhlue to check it out in more detail later.  Click on Bhlue’s Bookmark option in the footer section. The content will be saved in your Account Settings.

Coming Soon. In The Works....


Career Networking

Schools, training programs, employers & other organizations are looking for people just like you. And  they want YOU to find THEM too! Make those connections here. At Bhlue.

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Private Messaging

Send & receive private messages through Bhlue from organizations that could be perfect for you. This way you don’t need to give out your personal contact info until you make the right connection!

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Search Opportunities

Find listings of school programs, internships, apprenticeships & jobs. What you’re looking for, where you need it.

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Apply directly to, or just inquire about, opportunity listings that you’re interested in. No need to leave Bhlue. Get it done right here!

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