Hospitality & Tourism

Imagine a career that’s all about people, fun, and adventure.  Most people love to eat out, be entertained and travel so the Hospitality and Tourism industry will always have customers.

From entry-level jobs in restaurants to high-level corporate management of huge hotel chains, these are jobs for people who want to help people have a good time. There are so many diverse career opportunities, AND it offers tons of room for career advancement since this industry is known for promoting from within as well as for hiring large numbers of young managers.

Business skills, as well as good people skills, are absolutely necessary if you want to get ahead.  Be sure to “think outside the box” since opportunities are everywhere. Whether you’d like to work in the hotel or restaurant industry, museums or aquariums, cruise lines or resorts, amusement parks or sport arenas – there is a career for you in the Hospitality & Tourism industry.

Check out some career ideas below. It's a great place to start.

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