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"You're Blue"

First off, give me a second to explain. You know how you have a dominant hand? Doesn’t mean you never use your other hand, it just means your dominant hand takes control most of the time. Same thing with your personality “Color Code”. Everyone has a dominant personality color code that’s most like them.  The other colors might show up every once in a while depending on what’s going on, but for the most part your dominant color nails you; and your color is Blue.  

Ok, so what does that mean?”  Read on to learn more.


  • You’re authentic, the real deal, and won’t pretend you’re someone, or something, you’re not. Social status? Who cares.
  • You see many rules as guidelines, not carved in stone. Your thought is, if the situation really needs a rule bent, and no one is going to be hurt, so be it.
  • Your style is who you are, and you’re not dressing to impress anyone else.
  • Your often creative and imaginative. Whether it’s performing, writing, the arts, or something else… being creative has to happen somehow.
  • You often go with the flow, and can adapt to what’s going on pretty easily.
  • You’re a nurturer. You take care of people and want to be sure they’re ok.
  • Rejection and criticism is lousy for everyone, but it can be really painful for you. 
  • Competition? Not a driving force for you. At all.
  • Personal gestures mean alot to you. Whether it’s giving them or getting them.
  • It’s awesome when people appreciate and acknowledge you. Not so much in a “hey, great job” kind of way, but more in a “remembering your birthday” kind of way.
  • You’re not too comfortable with public praise and would rather have it done privately.
  • Being the center of attention is down near the bottom of things you like the most.
  • You have really good intuition, but often second guess yourself and your decisions.
  • You’re too critical of yourself and need to stop comparing yourself to others. Focus on your strengths and what you do well.
  • You’re a people pleaser. Sometimes to the point where it’s not a good thing for you. Learn to say NO!
  • You have a strong sense of what’s right and wrong, and you’re trustworthy. Never any doubt about that.
  • You hate when you feel people are being treated unfairly or are being exploited.
  • You sincerely like to help other people, and get great satisfaction when they do well.
  • You’re a motivator and a good communicator.
  • You are STRONG! Even when things go wrong for you, you take your disappointment, maybe even have a good cry, pull up your bootstraps and get right back at it.
  • You’re unique and take great pride in your individuality.
  • You’re an optimist and see the positive side of things.
  • You steer clear of negativity as much as possible.
  • What’s the meaning and significance of life, and what’s your part in it. You want to know.
  • You’re spiritual, but not necessarily religious.
  • You’re compassionate of other people and animals. It can be painful to you when they’re hurt.

In Relationships

  • You want peace and harmony in your relationships. People need to keep you out of the drama.
  • You have a hard time ending relationships and will put up with alot hoping that things will get better. Not just in romantic relationships either. We’re also talking relationships with family, friends, work…
  • You value close friendships. It’s all about the quality of your friendships rather than just having a huge circle of people in your group that you call “friends”.
  • You don’t like conflict, and try to steer clear of it.
  • You’re empathetic to the feelings and situations of others.
  • You’re a peacemaker. Why can’t people just get along?
  • You’re concerned about others feeling left out, and make the effort to include them.
  • You’re genuine and honest, but are concerned about causing other people emotional pain.
  • Personal gestures mean alot to you. Not just getting them, but giving them also.
  • You motivate others to become the best they can be, and have the best they can achieve.  You’ll do what  you can to help make that happen.
  • You aim to please in your relationships, and have a hard time saying no. It can even get to the point where you’re hurting yourself, so be aware of that.
  • You communicate well with others because you’re not only a good listener, but you express yourself easily with stories, comparisons, and analogies.
  • You sincerely care about other people.
  • As far as people who are insincere, hypocritical or hurtful? They just suck so you try to steer clear.

At Work

  • Because you’re so compassionate of others, blues often work in counseling, teaching or psychology. Even if they don’t work directly in those particular fields, they bring elements of compassion and concern for others to the job that they do have.
  • You struggle with detailed work, goal setting, and time management. Hey, can’t be great at everything.
  • Blues tend to build teams in the workplace.
  • You’re sensitive to criticism and conflict, and don’t like dealing with either one.
  • You tend to take things as they come rather than all laid out and structured. You go with the flow.
  • You’re great at coaching.
  • You recognize the potential of others, and help them to reach it. You feel legit happy when others succeed.
  • You appreciate honest and real feedback. Constructive criticism is a wonderful thing. You don’t want people to sugarcoat things, but you’re not looking for rude or mean either. Because that will just hurt.
  • You’re an enthusiastic, optimistic, imaginative, insightful and creative employee
  • You’re really good at motivating, inspiring and communicating with other people.
  • You like to create a vision that inspires people and motivates them.
  • You’re able to see the “big picture”, as well as the the connections and patterns that aren’t always clear to others. Trying to describe the vision to others is another matter. You sometimes have a hard time doing that.
  • You have no problem advocating for others. Sticking up for them.
  • Said it before, and will say it again. Learn to say no. You don’t have to rescue everyone and everything. So stop taking on more than you can handle and making yourself overwhelmed.
  • You are willing to work tirelessly when it’s for a cause you care about.
  • You’re into democracy, and letting others help with the decision making. It’s definitely NOT your way or the highway. You want people to participate.
  • You generate new ideas and innovative solutions since you’re so imaginative and creative.
  • Work environment is key. You work best when it’s a warm, inviting, open and interactive workspace.
  • Because they don’t like conflict, Blues may find it hard to deal with a coworker or employee who isn’t working out.
  • On the flip side… Although blues struggle with conflict directed at them, they can be pretty good at working out situations where other people are having a problem, and work to mediate things.
  • Because they’re imaginative and creative, Blues have the ability to come up with new and original ideas and solutions.
  • Blues have a real commitment to the people they work with; they attempt to identify each person’s true potential and then motivate, coach and encourage them to their success.

Blues have great success in careers from many Career Clusters, but a few that stand out as a good fit are:

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