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What does
"You're Green"

First off, give me a second to explain. You know how you have a dominant hand? Doesn’t mean you never use your other hand, it just means your dominant hand takes control most of the time. Same thing with your personality “Color Code”. Everyone has a dominant personality color code that’s most like them.  The other colors might show up every once in a while depending on what’s going on, but for the most part your dominant color nails you; and your color is Green.  

Ok, back to “So what does that mean?”  Read on to learn more.


  • You need explanations and answers. You want to understand how things work.
  • Greens love to master anything that comes their way. Once they’ve mastered it, they often move on to the next thing.
  • Knowledge is power. If you know how something works, then you can control it.
  • You’re much more interested in conversations that have meaning than small talk. You hate small talk. A lot.
  • You’re your main competitor.  You always push yourself to improve.
  • You’re a problem solver, and like learning new things
  • You’re more interested in the big picture than the details. Details can be figured out later.
  • You’re curious and analyze everything
  • You’re constantly gaining knowledge and use it to make better results each time.
  • You expect other people to earn your respect. Respect isn’t just a given based on who someone is, or what they do.
  • You’re a perfectionist and live life by your own standards rather than anyone else’s.
  • You have the vision to create things and bring about new ideas.
  • You focus on the future, and how things can be improved.
  • You’ll fight for fairness and justice, all the way to the big leagues if it’s important to you.
  • You don’t follow along with the way things are done just because other people say it’s so. You want to know why and it better make sense to you. You want a logical answer to everything.
  • You always need to be achieving something. Even vacations have some sort of achievement or goal attached to it.
  • You’re constantly trying to figure out the world and why it is the way it is.
  • Question authority much? Not surprising if you’re Green.

In Relationships

  • Your head rules before your heart. 
  • You like to deal with the world logically rather than emotionally.
  • You don’t like repeating yourself so it’s hard for you to always express your feelings. You feel like once your feelings are stated, they should be obvious.
  • You’re uneasy when your emotions control you.
  • When it comes to new relationships, once you get it started you want to put it on autopilot, and get back to working on your career.
  • You’re not always very aware of people’s feelings and can be disconnected as to what they’re thinking or going through. 
  • Do people think you’re overly critical? You don’t see it that way. As far as your concerned your comments are meant to be helpful. 
  • You have a hard time expressing your feelings.
  • You’re not that interested in socializing with people. Being alone is ok, and often you prefer it.
  • Just because you’re not overly affectionate doesn’t mean you don’t care. You do care. You’re just not into PDA.

At Work

  • For you, work is play.
  • You’re drawn to constant challenges in your career.
  • You like to develop models, explore ideas and build systems.
  • Once you perfect an idea, you move on to the next thing. You’re not into the details.
  • You’re drawn to technical careers
  • You see the big picture.
  • You expect people to be competent and to follow through with things. No excuses.
  • You’re always seeking ways to improve how things are done.
  • If your work allows you to be challenged, it will likely be the major focus of your life. 
  • You’re skilled at strategy. You can look at a long range project and see all of the possible situations, and then choose the right solution to finish the project in the best way.
  • You don’t like routine or repetition.
  • You can become obsessed with learning new things, and new challenges.

Career Ideas

Greens have great success in careers from many Career Clusters, but a few that stand out as a good fit are:

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