Step 1 Activity

Discover Yourself. Take the Quiz.

Bhlue’s DIY Career Guidance system is simple and effective, so let’s get you moving in the right direction. First thing... Figure out WHERE want to go. Which career direction is the right one for you?

1. Sign Up for Your Free Bhlue Membership

  • Top right of the page, click on “Sign Up. It’s Free.”
  • Choose “Teen or Young Adult”
  • Fill in your info.
  • You’ll come to the “Activate Your Account” page.
Activate Your Account

2. Personality Quiz. Take it.

Personality Quiz
  • Header Menu – Choose “Take the Quiz”
  • Click Start.
  • It’ll legit take you no more than 5 minutes to answer the 5 questions.
  • For each question just choose the option that most sounds like you.
  • It might be a toss up sometimes, but go with your first instinct.

3. Results Summary

  • You’ll be identified as 1 of 4 Color Codes.
  • The color itself doesn’t mean anything, but the meaning of each does. Alot. It’ll look something like this. –>
  • Read it.  Then click on  “CLICK HERE RIGHT NOW” to get your full results.
Results Summary

4. Full Results

Gold Results
  • Lots of good stuff here so definitely read this.  
  • Here’s a sample of what you’ll get if you end up being the Color Code “Blue”.
  • Sound familiar? This is your ‘PRIMARY” Color Code which will be helpful when it comes time to start checking out careers in the next challenge,“Explore Careers”  .
  • Bookmark this page to your account.
  • The bookmark option is on the bottom right of the page (in the black footer)

5. Do you have a “SECONDARY” Color Code?

  • Lots of people have a “Secondary” Color Code so it’s a good idea to see what yours might be.
    • Again, big help when you start exploring careers.
  • Links to all of the Color Codes are at the bottom of your Color Results page.  
    • Click on any of them to see what they’re all about..
  • See one that is a close second to identifying your personality?  
    • Bookmark the page to your account if it is.
  • Even if you don’t see yourself in any of the other Color Codes, trust me, they’ll remind you of people you know; which ends up being surprisingly helpful when dealing with them.
Color Codes

6. Next Step...

Now that you’ve gotten some concrete information about your personality type, and it all clicks for you, it’s time to start looking at Career Industries and Careers that could be a good fit.

Careers that are relevant to who you are, what you like to do, and how you relate to people and the world. Make sense?  Let’s do it.

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