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A 4 year college after high school isn't for everyone, and isn't required to be successful. At all! Did you hear that? Loud and clear?

Yes, some careers absolutely require 4 or more years of college, and DEFINITELY should, but if that’s not for you that’s ok. Even better than ok! You can find a successful career path with weeks, months, and sometimes just a couple of years of education and training after high school. Finding a career that you love and that will pay you enough to support yourself and your future family is unlikely to happen unless you gain some skills and knowledge outside what you learned in high school, so it’s really important that you find what’s relevant to you. Don’t be sheep and just follow the crowd because everyone else is going off to a 4 year college, unless that’s truly what you feel you need to do. Then it’s the right decision.

If you’re going for any other reason do your research first to make sure it’s the right investment to make for your future, because it’s a big one. Investment that is. In time and money. Either way, get searching for education and training programs that get you the skills and training you need to get started on an amazing future that’s relevant to you and your interests. Your future. Your way.

Start your search below and see what comes up.

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