It’s Your Future. Don’t Let Somebody Else Own It.

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Since you’re here right now I’m guessing that you’re at the point where you realize you might need some help figuring out what you’re going to do for a career and how you’re going to make it happen.

That’s exactly what I can help you do. Figure things out. Map out a plan. Make it happen. But first things first. I have to tell you what I focus on when it comes to career planning, and you have to then decide if you’re all in.

My goal is to help young people to discover what they’re great at, what they love to do, and what gets them stoked. What gets them pumped to keep going and lose track of time. What can they do for work that will make every day seem like a Saturday. The worst kind of torture when it comes to a job is dreading Sunday because you know the next day is Monday. The day you have to go back to work. Or wishing every day of the work week would fly by so you could get to Friday and the weekend.  Life is too short to fast forward every week as you look forward to your days off. Living like that is gross, and it sucks the life right out of you.

I have an obligation, a legitimate need in the center of my soul, to help young people create a future that they’re excited about, proud of, and successful at.  I want them to plan their life so that they have freedom. The freedom to have their life’s work be relevant to who they are, in an environment where they thrive, to savor every moment of every work day because it’s fun. It’s good. It’s challenging. It’s rewarding. It’s meant to be.  I want you to have that gift of freedom, and I want to help you make it happen.

Some might say that it sounds good in theory, but it’s unrealistic. I say that’s bullshit. I’m a firm believer that if you want something badly enough, really and truly in your gut want something to happen, you will do everything in your power to make it happen. Opportunities will arise and you’ll be open to them. People will come into your life, even briefly, and you’ll recognize what value they can offer you. Even if what they offer seems insignificant, you’ll see the potential of what might occur from that brief meeting or acquaintance.

You have to keep in mind though that despite society’s insistence for instant gratification, building your future doesn’t necessarily work like that. Instantly. You have to remember that nothing worth having comes easy. Or necessarily fast. But if you do the work, and take action, you can and will build a future that’s relevant to who you are, and what you value. A future that you own and that brings you the success that’s important to you, whatever your version of success is. What’s better than that?

I want it and I’ll have it.  

My favorite quote at the moment. (Thank you Henry Ford for your simple words of wisdom.)

Ready to give it a go? Let’s have at it. can help you to guide yourself toward a career that’s meant for you. Just you. Nobody else. Because it’s your journey and you can build the future that’s you’re meant to have.

Build it, own it and live it. 

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