Questioning the likelihood of your success? Stop.

Three Feet From Gold

Who hasn’t doubted the likelihood of something happening despite how hard they’re working at it or how much they have emotionally invested in something.

Yeah… that’s me most every day, hopeful yes but also kinda doubtful. That damn devil on my shoulder is whispering in my ear some nasty stuff. And then I talk to someone who is all about what I’m doing and they get it. They’re speaking my thoughts and reading my mind. Or it seems like it anyway. That’s, no lie, the best feeling, and then I wonder where the rest of my tribe is. Where are all of the people who get it so I don’t have to wade through the muck with the people who don’t know what I’m talking about.

How can I make it easier to get those other people interested in what I’m doing so they’ll want to be a part of it.  They’ll be like, “Hell Yeah! Let’s do this!” So they’ll also want to help the people I want to help and we’ll be a great big team of helpers… making the world a better place by starting in our own little world with our own little actions.

Ughhh, I have to stop being a coward writing emails and get back to the phone. “Be fearless”, I remind myself. I have to be fearless because if I back down from this challenge, how the hell can I expect to be preaching to others to have faith in their dreams and that they can do whatever they want if they just identify their goal, build a plan and take action on what needs to be done.

I guess this is just a reminder to me that reaching an immense goal isn’t easy. In fact, it can be wicked hard emotionally. But I know, in my heart, I legitimately feel it inside, that what I’m doing will bring the results I visualize and can see in my mind.  And that, my friend, is the moral of this rambling post.  If you want something badly enough and are motivated to make it happen… don’t expect quick results and do the work, especially the things you hate to do (For me? Phone calls.). Expect it to take more time than you probably imagined it would take, and expect to doubt yourself and the likelihood of your goal happening. But don’t let those doubts kill it. It’s only over when you say it’s over… so don’t say it’s over and it will eventually happen if you keep the flames of that burning desire stoked. Feed the fire.

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